George Galloway is now able to offer better services to all customers and clients at all levels, thanks to a new relationship with Farmers National Company!

Effective September 30, 2014, George Galloway is now employed by Farmers National Company (FNC). George will still be working out of the same location in Bullard, Texas, providing excellent customer service in the timber and land real estate markets throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

FNC is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, and was founded in 1929 to offer diverse services to meet the needs of farmers and landowners across the nation. Their services include, but are not limited to, land and farm management, real estate sales, auctions, appraisals, insurance, consultations, oil and gas management, lake management, forest resource management, and a national hunting lease program. FNC is truly a one-stop shop for your farm and land needs!

Although Nine Frog Real Estate no longer exists, the new capabilities offered through FNC will provide even better benefits and services for both buyers and sellers! The culture at FNC is based on a team structure, which means the total skills and talents embedded throughout the company are available to produce solutions and success for every transaction, and every client. FNC has a unique infrastructure of support for real estate transactions including enhanced marketing at all levels, mapping of properties with precision, and a nationwide network of buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals ready to get the job done.

George Galloway is proud to be a new member of the FNC Team, and he looks forward to working with you whether you are buying, selling, or just need some real estate assistance.

Visit Farmers National Company on the web at, and call George today at 903-825-7000 to see how we can help you.